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Cow horn is hand-carved and polished by Haitian artisans for a totally unique pair of earrings. When the horn is polished, the color can vary from ivory, tan, brown, black or any mixture of these colors.  The amount of detail that goes into making this horn rectangle shape is impressive to say the least!  Be prepared for the compliments!

Jasmine is a pattern and fabric cutter at our Vi Bella workshop in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and has been with us since 2012. She lives in a community for the deaf with her children in housing that was built by the Mission of Hope several years ago. Her sister, Adeline, who is also deaf and lives in the same neighborhood, is also a fabric cutter at Vi Bella. Adeline’s son, Jasmine’s nephew, is Vi Bella’s full time deaf interpreter. We love the opportunity to offer an entire family life-changing employment. 

Details:  2.75″ long Haitian horn rectangle, gold plated brass. Due to the nature of the horn, colors will vary.


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